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For five or six feet from the trunk, which had at the surface of the ground a diameter of several inches, it ran downward, single and straight, into a loose, friable earth; then it divided and subdivided into rootlets, fibers and filaments, most curiously interwoven.
The Britons, from whom the present Welsh are descended, inhabited what is now England and Wales; and they were still further subdivided, like most barbarous peoples, into many tribes which were often at war with one another.
The trade in timber grew to be so considerable that it was subdivided, and since the fourth year of our industrial era, we have had dealers in firewood, squared timber, planks, bark, and later on, in charcoal.
Launce's eye looked in sidelong expectation at the divided and subdivided ham.
The men were subdivided into groups, assorted according to the deeds and reputations of the several individuals of whom they were composed.
Each of these divisions being subdivided into various bodies, and these bodies being drawn up in various forms and figures, the general arrangement was, except to the few chiefs and leaders, as unintelligible as the plan of a great battle to the meanest soldier in the field.
Two or three mighty stacks of chimneys, and a few large dark rooms which had escaped being walled and subdivided out of the recognition of their old proportions, gave the Yard a character.
In addition, the commission granted recommending the supervisors enable a subdivision of Louis Lorenz s property in the Fairview township, so the buyer of a parcel that has already been subdivided away can access their land.
Other available space within the city is much further from the airport, cannot be subdivided, and is generally outdated.
Recommendations consist of book reviews from the current edition of American Reference Books Annual and are organized by general reference works (subdivided by type of book), social sciences, humanities, and science and technology (these last three subdivided alphabetically).
From Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, King George's court physician who subdivided humanity into five unequal categories during the Declaration of Independence era, to early twentieth-century birth control advocate Margaret Sanger's view of birth control as a means to curb the procreation of "socially degenerate" populations "unfit" for democracy, to the 2005 president of Harvard University's claim that "issues of intrinsic aptitude" explain the under representation of women in the sciences and mathematics, Typecasting leaves no stone unturned from ancient taxonomies of human difference to modern-day battlegrounds of ideas.
While most Lebanese are Arabs, they are divided into Muslims and Christians, and these groups in turn are subdivided into numerous faiths or sects.