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Depending on how all this subdivisible and dispersed law is counted,
Thus the parts of time--the minutes and the days--are thought of as indefinitely subdivisible and so as homogeneous--one minute exactly like another--and also mutually exclusive of one another just as each part of space excludes every other.
That overarching problem is subdivisible, loosely, into a variety of different kinds of challenges.
Berger's central observation concerns the conceptual similarity between Roman fractions (the standard medieval system of measuring weights, money and length) and these mensural systems through a shared set of underlying premisses: a hierarchical system of subdivisible values, a central immutable value, and values that are divisible by twelve (in Roman fractions and the Italian system) or by two and three (in the French system) (see pp.
History is a Mandelbrot set, as infinitely subdivisible as is space in Zeno's paradox.
A subterranean exhibition space, underground car park and, on upper floor levels, staff accommodation for the 20 strong management team, lodgings for visiting companies and a 300 sq m subdivisible teaching and rehearsal space are also provided.
The larger flats are subdivisible so that they can change as families alter in structure.