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TO SUBDIVIDE. To divide a part of a thing which has already been divided. For example, when a person dies leaving children, and grandchildren, the children of one of his own who is dead, his property is divided into as many shares as he had children, including the deceased, and the share of the deceased is subdivided into as many shares as he had children.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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not less than 15%-20% on subdivision development ...
Many subdivisions have unmanned gates, requiring a remote controller, card, or other device to open the gates.
a trip through the galaxy in Subdivision Infinity DX
But what could be suspicious is the apparent ease in their getting take-outs from government subdivision development and house financing institutions.
But during the discussion of the Morningside 11 subdivision, Commissioner Doug Patton pointed out that the city's ordinance calls for cul-de-sacs at the ends of streets.
In subdivision (c), clarifies that the 50 required continuing legal education hours for recertification must be completed since the last certification application.
The second test, which requires that the political subdivision serve a governmental purpose, proposes authority over the government that created it.
With sales closing at a frenzied pace and housing inventory at record lows, a deep-pocketed investor with a track record of major projects is starting work on Eugene's largest new subdivision in a decade.
Lower River Rd, who have enjoyed having the privacy and woodland view of Wolfgang's approximately 400 foot wide property behind their homes, have objected to his converting this wooded area into a subdivision at previous town meetings.
DEFINITIONS AND NOTATIONSHere we give some basic definitions and notations for better understanding and fair reading the paper.Interpolating/Approximating subdivision schemes Subdivision scheme is interpolating if all the data points belonging to the function at subdivision level k also belong to the function at subdivision level k+1.
He allayed apprehensions of some subdivision residents that such plan would compromise their security noting that the entry of vehicles will still be regulated and will only cover a certain period particularly during rush hours.