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Students can be introduced to the links between metamorphism and plate tectonics by evaluating how plates behave sequentially from where they form through to where they are subducted. As oceanic crust is formed, saline ocean water circulates deeply through the basalt and gabbro forming in the hot environment of the mid-ocean ridges (divergent boundaries).
The synoptic model of the Central American subduction zone by Lucke (2012) features the overall geometry of boundary surfaces and first order tectonic discontinuities of the convergent margin, such as the subducted slab of the Cocos plate.
[2.] CAHILL & ISACKS (1992)--Seimicity and Shape of the Subducted. Nazca Plate.
The Zagros Thrust Zone is located along the suture where the north-easterly directed Arabian Plate is subducted below the Iranian (Asian) Plate.
It all started with an undersea earthquake in the Indian Ocean when the Indio-Australian Plate subducted below the Eurasian Plate.The epicenter was off the west coast of Indonesian city Sumatra.
Based on the models, the researchers found that parts of the slab that is being subducted sweep around behind the collision, pushing continental material into the mountain belt.
The researchers suggested that the scale and speed of the Okhotsk event was related to the fact that the subducted Pacific plate is much colder than the subducted slab involved in the Bolivian earthquake.
At the time of their deposition, one tectonic plate was being subducted beneath another at the closure of the Iapetus Ocean.
The earth model provides the ability to track and delineate major collisional events, subducted margins, major volcanic-arc activity, large igneous intrusive events and the Phanerozoic redistribution of mineral-rich Archean terranes.
Because an earthquake's seismic waves travel faster through remnant slabs of subducted crust than the surrounding mantle, Sigloch could use the vibrations to create images of slabs extending about 2,000 kilometers beneath North America.
Finding observational disparities with the hypothesis of a long-lived eastwardly dipping subduction zone, he offers an alternative collisional model in which the western edge of North America was partially subducted to the west beneath the Rubian ribbon continent.
Garnets are also important components of subducted oceanic crust, and it is suggested that garnet-rich subducted crust can be gravitationally trapped in the lower most part of the mantle transition zone [3-6].