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8km section of the 2112F cable was deployed in Melbourne CBD on Friday and installed within a subduct of 28mm internal diameter.
For central Costa Rica, where the seamount segment of the Cocos plate subducts, local earthquake seismic tomography data by Husen et al.
The Philippine archipelago is sandwiched in between two opposite subduction zones - that of the Eurasian Plate (South China Plate) which subducts (is forced under) Luzon along the Manila Trench and that of the Philippine Sea Plate that subducts toward the west along the East Luzon Trench.
The Australia plate subducts beneath the Eurasian plate along the Java trench.
On the other hand, African plate moves in NE direction and collides with the Eurasian plate and subducts along the Hellenic-Cyprus Arc, somewhat retarding the westward movement of the Anatolian block and initiating its tendency to rotate to the SW.