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The Indian Ocean earthquake occurred between the Eurasian and Indian plates along a subduction zone, an area where one plate tries to dive beneath another.
1, Sumatera is like other islands of Indonesia, representing and island arc where the formation was related to the activity of subduction zone.
The presence of sediment-derived isotopes and trace elements, especially cosmogenic beryllium 10 (half life 1.5 million years) in arc lavas, provides evidence for sediment recycling in some subduction zones.
'The tsunami from East Asia will take about seven hours to reach the shores of the sultanate, while those in Makran Subduction Zone will take a little more than half an hour to reach the shores of Oman.'
Researchers said they were working to determine just how much of a risk the Hikurangi subduction zone is to New Zealand.
Another, more expensive proposition would involve installing more offshore seismometers and pressure gauges in order to establish constant, real-time monitoring of the subduction zone.
"The subduction rate on Europa could be very similar to what we have on Earth," Kattenhorn says.
Their model suggests that as India collides with Eurasia, China and South-East Asia initially resist being pushed down, and then gets pushed aside instead, which leads to the unclogging of the subduction zone that allows India to keep pushing into Eurasia and creating Mt.
'We found that 87 per cent of the 15 largest (8.6 magnitude or greater) and half of the 50 largest (8.4 magnitude or greater) earthquakes of the past century are associated with intersection regions between oceanic fracture zones and subduction zones,' said the study's lead author, Dietmar Muller of the University of Sydney.
According to Al Shamsi, there are two main sources for the tremors that are felt in the UAE: earthquakes in the South and South-East of Iran and the Makran Subduction Zone in the Arabian Sea.
Backbone of the Americas; shallow subduction, plateau uplift, and ridge and terrane collision.
During a prolonged history of subduction, the dip and location of the subduction zone may vary causing the locus of arc magmatism to migrate and causing intermittent switching from compressional to extensional environments.