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Subduction zone earthquakes can produce large tsunamis because there are large and rapid displacements of the seafloor during the earthquakes.
By comparison, tectonic plate subduction on Earth occurs through varying temperatures, because the cooler material is denser and sinks more.
The subduction zone responsible for the two recent quakes runs along the western coast of Central America, from central Mexico to Panama, said Gavin Hayes, a research geophysicist with the US Geological Survey.
The geometry of the subduction zone was studied by Lucke (2012) by means of a synoptic model which takes into account three-dimensional data (local earthquake seismic tomographies), two-dimensional cross sections (refraction and reflection seismic, magnetotellurics) and onedimensional data (receiver functions, earthquake hypocenters) to constrain a three-dimensional density model from gravity data interpretation.
Researchers say there's a 10 to 20 percent chance that the Cascadia Subduction Zone will produce a magnitude-9 quake over the next half-century.
As gravity pulled the Tethys crust into the subduction zone, the crust yanked on Pangaea's Eurasian edge.
The Alps are related to the east-southeastward subduction of the Eurasian plate underneath the Adriatic plate, whereas the Apennines are the accretionary prism of the westward subduction of the Adriatic plate.
The new subduction zone--where a tectonic plate slides beneath another plate and into Earth's mantle--could mark the beginning of a new phase of the so-called Wilson Cycle, whereby tectonic plate movement breaks up supercontinents, opens oceans and creates new subduction zones that then shrink oceans, bringing the continents back together.
For example, if all Phanerozoic volcanic arcs are palaeo-geographically delineated and reconstructed to their present-day locations, then some of them (from different geological time periods) will overlap in areas where subduction was pro longed, or where subduction-related magmatism repeatedly affected the same area of continental crust.
Sitting squarely over the subduction zone where the North American plate slides under the Asian plate is hazardous enough, but the nearby Philippine and Eurasion plates add pressure to the region.
The other 12 look at melange generation in oceanic fracture zones in abyssal settings, melange formation associated with subduction initiation, and melange development in subduction-accretion complexes and in collisional settings.