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At the world premiere of the new movie at the Royal Festival Hall in London on Tuesday night, the 'Harry Potter' actor, famous for his excitable personality, said that he found playing the lead character difficult, as he had to subdue himself constantly.
Sock rounds or bean-bag rounds are fabric bags filled with lead pellets fired with a shotgun at low velocity to subdue but not kill a suspect.
Sutherlin officer Jay Huskey - who used his Taser to subdue 36-year-old Erica Leif Price inside a Sutherlin apartment - has been on paid administrative leave since the incident.
The officer had to draw his CS spray to subdue him and warned him he would discharge it.
Obuchi then stabbed Masakazu Sakamoto, 34, in the abdomen as he attempted to subdue him.
Agriculture was another step toward separating ourselves from the earth so as to subdue it.
According to Fred Bell, a former security guard with Great Northwest who is currently with the Kendall County (Texas) Sheriff's Department, the training teaches "how far you can twist certain body parts" to cause pain and subdue an assailant without causing lasting damage.
The Taser - which uses electrical shocks to subdue criminal suspects - completed its five-second cycle, and Conn ripped the prongs out of his body.
Airline passengers and a federal immigration and customs agent travelling on the flight helped to subdue and restrain the man using duct-tape after he began pacing the aisle and reading loudly from the Bible during the flight.
His father was travelling with him and helped subdue him,' airline spokesman John Hotard said.
One of the main concerns revolves around more than 30 in-custody deaths in which an officer's use of OC spray to subdue a violent individual allegedly contributed to the death.