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sup][15],[16],[17],[18],[19] In this study, ICP monitor was placed in the brain parenchyma or the subdural space for measurement.
Area of concern is whether subdural drains should be used with burr-hole craniotomy as emerging evidence suggests that such drainage of the subdural space lowers recurrence rates8-10.
Hemorrhages may occur either within the cerebral ventricles which is the most common site in premature fetuses or subdural space or infratentorial fossa.
Thus, there would be not be adequate spacing in the cortical mantle following the ETV, therefore favoring the collection formation in the increased subdural space.
14,17,18 The presence of blood in the subdural space of healthy or contused brain reduces regional cerebral microcirculation and causes oedema, ischaemia, and increased intracranial pressure (ICP).
Evacuation of mass lesions in the subdural space is a procedure associated with relatively low morbidity and mortality and will improve cognitive ability.
In reply to Collier CB ; Most reported "subdural injections" are not in the subdural space, they are intradural
They can be sited in the brain parenchyma or subdural space, either through a skull bolt, a small burr hole or during a neurosurgical procedure.
Arachnoid cyst with spontaneous rupture into the subdural space.
It is preferred in cases of subdural space fluid collections.
2) As opposed to epidural hemorrhage, bleeding in the subdural space at this level is not constrained by ligamentous attachments and is free to diffuse into the spinal subdural space inferior to the C1-2 level as well cranially into the ventral and retrocerebellar aspects of the posterior fossa.
The subdural space has been classically described as a virtual space occupied by serous fluid contained between the dura mater and the arachnoid.