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For the Lanzhou-Yongjing highway, the section from 24 + 160 km to 25 + 838 km was with high-fill subgrade. The settlement meters were set up from 24 + 400 km to 24 + 405 km, which were semifilling and semi-excavating subgrades (Figure 2(a)).
The study can provide a reference for the damage assessment of the compacted subgrade soil under complex environment and traffic loads.
It is inevitable that roads might be constructed in areas that have relatively soft subgrade, causing a tendency toward instability.
The weak clay soil subgrade was compacted and non-woven geotextile placed on the subgrade and sides of the excavation.
Therefore, research achievements of rockfill subgrade can be served as the reference of weathered rock filling subgrade.
* Czech Republic--recurrent significant vertical roughness, caused mainly by the poor state of subgrade upper layers;
Along the half-mile segment where the subgrade is to be reconstructed, there will be 24-hour flagging for as long as three to four weeks.
The primary objective of this study was to implement MEPDG with the laboratory test procedure for measuring the resilient modulus of unbound base/subbase materials and subgrade soils in Indiana and to determine whether hierarchical design levels of MEPDG inputs should be fully incorporated into the INDOT design procedure.
Consequently, runway design requirements and pavement evaluation are largely affected by potential deflection, which primarily relates to California bearing ratio (CBR) or modulus of subgrade reaction of soil subgrade of the runway (Ashford, Wright 1992; Horonjeff, McKelvey 1994).
This effect reduces the vertical pavement response at the top of subgrade. Perkins and Ismeik (1997) showed this effect is significant in weak subgrade with a California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of less than 3%.
Climate environment and groundwater significantly impact the engineering properties of subgrade soil, as a result of repeated fluctuations of groundwater with the variation of atmospheric environment.