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The weak clay soil subgrade was compacted and non-woven geotextile placed on the subgrade and sides of the excavation.
Therefore, research achievements of rockfill subgrade can be served as the reference of weathered rock filling subgrade.
Czech Republic--recurrent significant vertical roughness, caused mainly by the poor state of subgrade upper layers;
Along the half-mile segment where the subgrade is to be reconstructed, there will be 24-hour flagging for as long as three to four weeks.
Consequently, runway design requirements and pavement evaluation are largely affected by potential deflection, which primarily relates to California bearing ratio (CBR) or modulus of subgrade reaction of soil subgrade of the runway (Ashford, Wright 1992; Horonjeff, McKelvey 1994).
Perkins and Ismeik (1997) showed this effect is significant in weak subgrade with a California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of less than 3%.
The researchers installed 10 TDR sensors in the base and subgrade layers at each of the 70 SMP test sites monitored as part of the LTPP program.
Even in dry weather, the subgrade may remain wet or damp indefinitely.
The trail will use a 6-inch layer of recycled asphalt as a subgrade, which will support a 3-inch layer of regular asphalt paving.
A new subgrade parking facility will more than double the available parking.
Additionally, a permeable or non-permeable geotextile fabric should be used to allow exact amounts of water to either permeate or not permeate the subgrade, depending on the existing soil.