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The construction of roads with relatively high embankments on soft soil subgrade can certainly raise some problems related to the stability of the road embankment.
Zhou and Wen [13] indicated that subgrade reaction coefficient k30 can be improved by 3000%, and the deformation can be reduced by 44% by using geocell-reinforced sand cushion.
Geosynthetics such as geotextiles, geogrids, or geomembranes are applied to the subgrade, depending on the structural and hydrological design objectives.
The weak clay soil subgrade was compacted and non-woven geotextile placed on the subgrade and sides of the excavation.
Therefore, research achievements of rockfill subgrade can be served as the reference of weathered rock filling subgrade.
Czech Republic--recurrent significant vertical roughness, caused mainly by the poor state of subgrade upper layers;
Along the half-mile segment where the subgrade is to be reconstructed, there will be 24-hour flagging for as long as three to four weeks.
Consequently, runway design requirements and pavement evaluation are largely affected by potential deflection, which primarily relates to California bearing ratio (CBR) or modulus of subgrade reaction of soil subgrade of the runway (Ashford, Wright 1992; Horonjeff, McKelvey 1994).
Perkins and Ismeik (1997) showed this effect is significant in weak subgrade with a California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of less than 3%.
Subsurface water can also cause the subbase or subgrade to wash into unsealed pipes or structures, resulting in settlement and failure.
Some specific topics include effects of damping and dynamic soil mass on footing vibration, dynamic properties of mucky soil of subgrade under cyclic load, cyclic shear strength of clay under simple shear conditions, and earthquake induced liquefaction potential of reclaimed areas of Dhaka City.