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After treatment with saline, the serum 5-HT levels in subgroups of MI, depression, and MI + depression groups decreased significantly compared with that in the subgroup of control group (all P = 0.
Infection rate: In this work, 90 snails of young susceptible subgroup (Ia) were susceptible and 10 snails were resistant; 40 snails belonging to young resistant subgroup (IIa) shed cercariae, while 60 snails did not.
That subgroup will look at how to analyze the value of long-term care insurance benefits adjustment options and what insurers should tell the long-term care insurance policyholders about benefits adjustment offers.
Each subgroup has equal number of group members and it's controlled under the supervision of subgroup leader.
LCA was used to examine whether distinct and interpretable subgroups would emerge, with members of a subgroup having similar functional ability profiles and members of different subgroups having distinct profiles.
Subgroup A2 and B2 3 days after surgery demonstrated that the incisional space was bridged with two to three layers of epithelium.
Although the Supreme Court has not been presented with a due process claim on behalf of a subgroup articulated as such, subgroups are not total strangers to the law.
This good prognosis subgroup experienced worse progression free and overall survival after the addition of bevacizumab within the ICON7 translational dataset, in which the 63-gene test was validated.
Each subgroup exhibited complex yet distinct phylogeographic patterns (Figure 2, panel B).
Let G be a finite group and let N be a normal Hall subgroup of G.
A subgroup H of an abelian group G is pure in G if nH = H (1 nG, where n is any non-zero integer.