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Reid (2002: 92) argued that "determining the actual subgrouping position of Chamorro is not possible from phonological evidence, and even the morphosyntactic evidence .
pk] are for computing the index with recpect to the subgrouping of date.
Additional support for the utility of the ERG for subgrouping cocaine addicts with increased dopamine disturbances come from a recent study by Roy and colleagues (2003), in which concentrations of the dopamine metabolite homovanillic correlated with ERG blue cone b wave amplitude.
The disease subgrouping by karyotypic abnormalities indicates patient prognosis.
Following her subdivision, we assume a major subgrouping according to the nature of the supporting entity.
Subclassification of children with autism and pervasive developmental disorder: A questionnaire based on Wing's subgrouping scheme.
The intermediate layer or inner capsid is made of VP6, which determines group and subgrouping specificities.
Montreal) presents a textbook for students who have been exposed to the basic methods and practices of historical linguistics--sound change and construction problems, issues in subgrouping, and so on--as well as the basics of modern theoretical linguistics; that is, who have taken an introduction to linguistics course.
Identification and subgrouping of Cucumber mosaic virus with mouse monoclonal antibodies.
McKenzie developed a method for subgrouping patients with low back pain (LBP) by having them repeatedly perform movements involving lumbar spinal flexion, extension, and lateral side glide.
Subgrouping of fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) by clustering techniques [Abstract].