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2 Internal Subgrouping of Penan, Sebop, and Kenyah Languages
Taken together, there is evidence for a major subgrouping of a genomically unstable, basal expression pattern, p53-mutated subgroup of TNBC (Fig.
43) As with Liwa Kafil Zaynab, Quwet Shahid al-Sadr appears to be a subgrouping of the main Badr Organization militia which is tasked with actions in Syria.
It seems that the issues of race/culture and subgrouping of students have not been addressed within the classroom context.
Chasing Rainbows: Implications for Subgrouping and Reconstruction.
Although the pattern of inverse point estimates for lower-functioning ASD subtypes versus positive point estimates for higher-functioning ASD subtypes held across all available subgrouping variables, it should be noted that all 95% CIs included the null and exhibited some degree of overlap with the complementary case subgroup.
For the limited objectives of this pilot evaluation, tissue microarray slides were interpreted by 1 general pathologist and 1 hematopathologist for final NHL subgrouping.
The Subgrouping of Modern Aramaic Dialects Reconsidered.
Subgrouping the patients may be beneficial for treatment and long-term follow-up is necessary in order to ensure outcomes.
An example of subgrouping patients with nonspecific LBP is the idea of treatment-based classification, which evidence has found to be reliable, effective, and cost-efficient for patients with LBP (TABLE).