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In the practice of statistical process control, it is preferable to collect rational subgroups of multivariate observations whenever possible.
After treatment with saline, the serum 5-HT levels in subgroups of MI, depression, and MI + depression groups decreased significantly compared with that in the subgroup of control group (all P = 0.
The infection rates of the subgroups young susceptible, adult susceptible, young resistant and adult resistant were 90 %, 75 %, 40 % and 0 %, respectively.
Each subgroup maintained by using Group Diffie-Hellman (GDH) and links with other subgroups using Tree-based Group Diffie-Hellman (TGDH).
The sites give information about subgroup conference call meetings, minutes from earlier meetings, and, in some cases, copies of documents reviewed at the meetings.
For example, Chein and colleagues (2010) used LCA to identify four subgroups of children based on profiles of classroom engagement using data from the National Center for Early Development and Learning Multi-State Study of Kindergarten and examined associations between the profiles and child outcomes.
Important histological changes take place during 1 3 5 and 7 days after surgery8 and therefore main groups were divided according to day of sacrifice (DOS) of animals into four subgroups i.
Subgroups can arise in any context in which due process rules are applied across the board to a diverse population.
3 June 2014 - The Diagnostics Business Unit of UK contract development and manufacturing organisation Almac Group Ltd unveiled yesterday data from an independent validation of the ALM AADx gene expression assay that detects a subgroup of high grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) patients who have a good prognosis after standard of care chemotherapy.
Our whole-genome phylogeny revealed 3 major subgroups within F.
Latter, the subgroups held three separate meetings to elect a chairman of each one, in addition to reviewing the principles and guidelines of their works which will be approved finally in the London meeting.