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See, e.g., Guberman, Point Made, at 76-77 (giving examples); Scalia & Garner, Making Your Case, at 109 (same); Savannah Blackwell, Legal Writing Tip: Make Your Headings and Subheadings Full Sentences, Legal by the Bay (Feb.
* 21 CFR 111.503 (Requirements for written procedures for dietary supplements)--The only other time this subheading made it to the top 10 was in 2012.
Differences in indexing (both subject headings and subheadings), variation in the language used to describe adverse effects, and types of safety issues that can occur between different health technologies could explain the lower sensitivity of adverse effects filters for nondrug topics in both databases.
If the placement is not obvious, the article should be filed under the "first gut reaction" subheading and then cross-referenced to the other subheadings.
The data in the report are shown on an annual and quarterly basis, by category and by Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) 10-digit subheadings.
elaboration of a detailed communication and transport plan for the krayrechen blvd in the section from tsarigradsko shose blvd to sofia ring road - lot 5, Subheading 1 and subheading 3 of framework agreement nag-1567 / 17.8 .2018
MeSH subheadings are used with MeSH terms to help describe more completely a particular aspect of a subject.
HTS Heading 9902.23.34: Staple fibers of rayon, carded, combed, or otherwise processed for spinning, the foregoing presented in the form of top (provided for in subheading 5507.00.00).
On page 23, the second sentence of the first paragraph under the subheading "Flulaval Quadrivalent" should read, "Flulaval Quadrivalent will be available alongside the trivalent formulation of Flulaval during the 2013-14 season."
Each section then lists all available games and puzzles under subheadings. For example, in the Data section, the subheadings on the contents list are:
In the article, under the subheading "All about the acid," it says, "The natural acidity found in some fruits and vinegar provides an inhospitable environment for botulism-causing microorganisms.
In the article "Using IRC Section 127 Plans in a Family Business: Employer-Provided Education Assistance" in the November 2011 issue of The CPA Journal, there is an error in the last section on page 60 under the subheading "Worthwhile Benefits." In the first paragraph of that section, it gives an example and calculates that the annual savings of utilizing a section 127 plan in the example is $4,663.50.