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dagger]) All subheadings were searched as floating subheadings.
Researchers of violinists such as Locatelli or Nardini will be pleased to find subheadings in this last section, with cross references to entries in the chapter on violin music.
Botanical Data subheadings include Classification and Nomenclature, and Description.
The 12 pages of the GB virus chapter can be skimmed with ease in less than 10 minutes, since the paragraph subheadings reveal all.
For abstracts of some types of articles, we may, in the future, introduce subheadings.
A Web site section under construction will contain three subheadings about the couple: ``The Love Affair,'' ``August 31'' and ``Unanswered Questions.
Five subheadings for each topic are consistent throughout and arrange in a unique format which covers the major aspects of each condition or procedure.
Bold subheadings in each section make information easy to locate.
Of portability I will have more to say later, but we all access information in books randomly by riffling their pages (which is why we prefer books over the "sequential access" of microfilm), and publishers assist us in this activity with tables of contents, indexes, running heads, chapter titles and subheadings.
The essays are grouped under five subheadings, and these are roughly chronological as far as their themes are concerned.
For example, in the 14 page chapter covering the period 1970-79, 16 different subheadings comprise the discussion.
In the latter, the "basic" expression, joy, has fourteen subheadings ranging from "abashed smiles" to "uproarious laughter.