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Short subheads are more effective than long subheads.
The report should use various readership-enhancing devices--an intriguing cover statement, textual callouts, boldfaced lead-ins, subheads, bulleted paragraphs.
Then, include a subhead that spells out the problem the tech note is supposed to solve, "to assure the reader that they've really got the right information in their hands.
Usability test are conducted that relate to the use of subheads and such typographical markers as type size, face, and style.
6 Citizens for Homes: The message in the last subhead and paragraph is "Borrow Wisely"; so that is how the subhead should read.
Are headlines and subheads hard to read because of words set entirely in upper case type?
Structure your brochure so you can use key messages as subheads.
Use subheads which are strong enough to be headlines.
Subheads break up the grayness of the copy and provide a series of entry points for the skip-and-skim reader.
Low literacy" writing translates into eminently clear communications, including headlines, subheads, sidebars and, of course, the articles themselves--all written in a style of "do this, don't do that.
The heads are well written, clear statements, many of them commands, bolstered by equally clear subheads.
There's space for a large, clean nameplate surrounded by white space at the top of the page, headlines and subheads introducing four main articles and three "briefs," plus teasers to additional articles on the inside.