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Credit, merger arbitrage and special situations funds in the event-driven subindex gained 0.5%, well behind the HFRX event-driven index return of 1.6%.
Business activity continued to rise at a robust rate, with this subindex at 57.9 last month.
The subindex for proposals of solutions is aggregated the same way as the INDBEG, but its maximum value is smaller.
On the same subindex, the UAE ranked 19th, while Saudi Arabia and Bahrain ranked 28th and 35th, respectively.
The subindexes of susceptibility contain radar signal character, infrared signal character, visual signal character, maneuverability character, and ECM (electronic countermeasure) character, while the subindexes of vulnerability contain ratio of fatal components, redundant ratio of fatal components, shelter ratio of fatal components, average killing probability, and average safety factor, as is shown in Figure 1.
However the country performs better against the aspirational subindex which includes pillars like high growth product and process innovation and internationalization.
The subindex for new orders hit a nine-month high of 53.8, up from 52.8 in August.
Employment growth, with a subindex reading of 52.5 points, rose at the fastest pace since January, which was reflected in a faster pace of growth in staffing costs.
The Nabatieh subindex increased by 0.2 percent, largely driven by a 3.5 percent jump in restaurant and hotel prices, compared with a 0.1 percent increase nationally in that sector.
The PMI survey of around 350 private-sector firms showed output contracting for the second time since January, with the related subindex falling to 47.5 points in May from 49.8 a month earlier.
* the "Usage" of ICT: a three pillars subindex that measures the extent and the quality of ICT usage by all main stakeholders, respectively: individuals, businesses, and government;
The source says that the current conditions subindex dropped from 42.8 to 35.4 for Q1 2013 versus the same period of 2012,