subject matter

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On July 30, 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued additional guidelines in determining Subject Matter Eligibility under 35 U.
We are thrilled to have her on the team," said Subject Matter partner Paul Frick.
It is a legal conclusion dependent on the presence of three elements--the familiar requirements of subject matter and personal jurisdiction must, of course, be present in every case, but in addition the court's legal authority must be activated according to procedural requirements of pleading and process.
Additionally, large companies and the largest audit firms with dedicated and proficient subject matter staff, including at the national office level, have also had previous decisions restated due to differing interpretations of complex GAAP.
proteins, antibodies, enzymes, and DNA), and are, for the most part, patentable subject matter.
Skinner believed that all subject matter could be broken up into component parts, no matter how complex the original content.
It appears that when teachers have opportunities to learn their subject matter in ways similar to what is expected of their students--and when teachers have a deep understanding of how students learn--student achievement improves.
Nationalism, I think we can agree, can be expressed in two ways: form and substance or, if you prefer, style and subject matter.
Corporate Conversations" has a firm grip on the challenges and realities of internal communication, and it's written by someone who clearly understands the subject matter.
Derived from sequences of shots of his studio and domestic life, these works are a confluence of allusive subject matter and scrupulously refined technique.
Unfortunately for its fascinating subject matter, Cursed is a book with an identity crisis.
The district court dismissed the action for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and the union appealed.