subject of controversy

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It became the surprising subject of controversy in 1999 when a newspaper published by evangelical preacher Jerry Falwell said Tinky Winky's purple color, triangle antenna and handbag indicated the character was gay.
A reconciliation never happened, apparently because Cruz and sexy star Ellen Adarna became an item later in the year, traveling together and being the subject of controversy, since the two kept mum about their relationship status.
However following a decision by the Indices Committee, companies that are the subject of controversy on critical issues involving social responsibility and that do not supply comprehensive public information on corrective measures taken or discussions they may have entered into with stakeholders regarding such controversies, are excluded.
Sanjay Leela Bhansali's historical drama 'Padmavati' has been a subject of controversy for months and now the producer has indefinitely delayed the release of the film, as stated in the report, "'Padmavati' release delayed", published in the tabloid
Ripped jeans were subject of controversy in recent months, with arguments from public officials that it should be banned in certain places such as universities.
Gary, who is married to fellow stand-up comic Sarah Millican, has often been the subject of controversy over his irreverent brand of humour and describes himself as a 'right-wing libertarian'.
United was also the subject of controversy in March after two teenage girls were barred from boarding a flight for wearing leggings.
Zimmerman had reported to Carrie Tolstedt, who ran the community banking unit, which is currently the subject of controversy.
Out now When newly-wed Diana Jager's husband is killed in a car crash, suspicion falls upon the surgeon, already the subject of controversy after being outed as the author of a feminist blog.
In recent years, trophy hunting has become a subject of controversy and criticism, especially regarding those species which are wide ranging such as large carnivores.
Subject of controversy, the examination of article 35 was postponed.
But they have been the subject of controversy since the Act passed in 2012 and are opposed by some fans' groups.

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