subject of controversy

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Subject of controversy, the examination of article 35 was postponed.
The land on which the building stands has been the subject of controversy for the Ministry of Antiquities, which repeatedly claimed rights to it.
But they have been the subject of controversy since the Act passed in 2012 and are opposed by some fans' groups.
Like Lawson, Sam's relationship with their fellow housemates Sandra Nixon was also a subject of controversy inside the house.
These have since become a subject of controversy with certain political parties already expressing reservations on the proposed establishment of military courts.
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The Federal Court is one of the important laws, which was the subject of controversy between the political blocs during the past period, and this law has arrived in the House of Representatives," predicted" numerous and lengthy discussions in the House of Representatives for compatibility on it , because it needs two thirds of the members of the House of Representatives for approval.
The timing and nature of the earliest life on Earth can only readily be addressed using fossil data, but these data are at present often the subject of controversy since they are difficult to interpret and there are few established criteria on which to interpret them.
TOKy has been a subject of controversy in the midst of Turkey's construction boom, as the agency has been sued thousands of times by homeowners complaining that their homes were poorly built.
Hilde Johnson's tenure at the helm of the world body was, in recent months, a subject of controversy after several demonstrators held rallies demanding her resignation from the post.
The movie has been the subject of controversy, with some religious groups claiming that the story has been inaccurately portrayed.
Seneres' House Bill 3576 had been a subject of controversy after OFWs said the measure was unnecessary and was just an exaction ploy by the government from Filipino workers.
His pending application for the clerk-magistrate job became a subject of controversy during the recent campaign because it raised questions about his commitment to being a councilor.