subject of dispute

References in classic literature ?
I was not present at the time, but I understood that the subject of dispute was the amount of nourishment which it was necessary to give to assist Miss Halcombe's convalescence after the exhaustion of the fever.
The fresh subject of dispute ran on the spirit of religious intolerance which Mr.
The "cesspool question" had already been a subject of dispute between them.
A similar policy has been implemented by the Australian government and is currently a subject of dispute at the World Trade Organization (WTO).
The new law, which is also to govern the sharing of petroleum revenues among Iraq's provinces including Kurdistan, is the subject of dispute between the central government and the KRG as well (see the background in omt18IraqProspctMay4-09, omt18IraqProspctApr29-13 and below).
Although the condition of prompt notice seems to be fairly clear, the issue is often the subject of dispute.
Whether the espionage act is the right instrument in cases of leaks to journalists will remain a subject of dispute between legal experts for some time to come.
Who is to blame for that decline is clearly a subject of dispute between the council and the company.
BARDO (TAP) - The amendments brought to the internal rules of the constituent assembly, subject of dispute between deputies, were the focus of a meeting held on Wednesday evening by assembly speaker Mustapha Ben Jfar and the quartet sponsoring national dialogue.
But as these matters are the subject of dispute, it would not be appropriate for us to comment further.
The actual number of demonstrators was a subject of dispute throughout Friday.
SSE's total net capacity for generating electricity at offshore wind farms, including Walney and turbines at Greater Gabbard which are not the subject of dispute, now exceeds 250MW; including the disputed turbines, it is now 340MW.