subject to analysis

See: examine, study
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"A quantity of cannabis was seized, with an estimated street value in excess of [euro]60,000 (subject to analysis).
"The student was interviewed voluntarily and what was recovered is subject to analysis.
The information herein is subject to analysis of the market at the time of publication and is subject to change without notice.
Of course, not all legal problems neatly reduce to a set of variables, and human behavior does not always follow detectable patterns. ( Predictive tools work less well  when the relevant dataset is small, or when the text that is subject to analysis is so varied and idiosyncratic that patterns are difficult to detect.
The procurement contractor will have the following tasks: To carry out media planning in relation to national and regional print and internet media and social networks; To prepare, organize and disseminate publications and Internet banners and videos provided by the Employer in national and regional print, internet media, and social networks on the basis of the media planning; Provide content analyzes (content analyzes) to the publications for each month subject to analysis.
With the nSMOL Antibody Bio-Analysis Kit, the region of the antibodies subject to analysis (Fab region) is selectively fragmented.
Results reveal that only 25% of the institutions subject to analysis are efficient concerning financial inclusion.
The search to specify the properties, characteristics, and profiles of individuals, groups, communities, processes, objects or any other phenomenon that is subject to analysis (Hernandez et al., 2010).
Another challenge in analyzing Big Data is the necessity to combine, or join, different data sets, a fact that only increases the size of the data subject to analysis. Joining databases and combining information is much easier with true relational database software, whereby each record within the database has a unique identification key.
"I can't tell and clearly in the ideal world it would have been subject to analysis."
The interpretative situation subject to analysis covers both the encounter between readers and texts on the one hand and the encounter between readers on the other.
For example, in the initial analysis required when restructuring a system, this makes it possible to reduce the number of lines of code subject to analysis. In addition, by quantifying the degree of complexity of the business logic, it helps developers see where they should focus on hard-to-understand, complex business logic.