subject to cancellation

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The notification said that subject to cancellation of registration of Synthetic Recombinant Bovine Somato-Trohin (RBST) injection, the FIDs are directed to be alert and ensure recalling the product and taking proactive legal action including seizure of the drug in the light of Supreme Court orders.
Towards the end of the meeting, he very casually informed me that the Dh75 will be applicable only for three months and then it will jump to Dh150 per month and it is subject to cancellation and to avail this Dh75, a text message have to be sent for three months.
however, this bid shall be subject to a review at the end of each (12) month period from the date of award and subject to cancellation.
The creation of security by way of pledge over the Warrant(s) is subject to cancellation by the DMCC without notice if, within seven (7) days after the date of the Security Notification, a Security Acceptance has not been received from the pledgee.
Flights to Ankara Esenboga International Airport remain subject to cancellation further to the closure of the airport.
The airport reopened yesterday morning, though flights were subject to cancellation and delay.
According to Article 21, offers and trading requests that manipulate prices are subject to cancellation upon the EGX chairman's order.
If a European registration exists but products have not been sold there for seven years, the registration is subject to cancellation by any third party that raises the non-use issue.
Bus services in the area were also subject to cancellation and delays.
All works are, of course, subject to cancellation due to weather reasons, particularly at this time of year.
The Ak-Keme Hotel Ltd appealed to the Bishkek City Court as it disagreed with the decision of the interdistrict court and considered it illegal, invalid and subject to cancellation.