subject to control

See: impose, subject
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The parents further warn: "We believe that the human condition is such that if behaviour has no boundaries it will become chaotic, and that an organisation that is not subject to control is, by definition, out of control.
British Ambassador Charles Garrett said the parliament was the heart of democracy where the executive branch accounts for its actions and is subject to control.
Ataka states that the owners of the concessionaires are largely unknown and the quantities of gold, precious, and rare metals they produce are not subject to control.
Tires available with distributors and agents will be subject to control starting November 2017, he said.
Gary Harvey, defending, said his client asked that the dogs be subject to control orders rather than being destroyed.
We are on the road to a trillion connected devices - cars, clothing, industrial plants, crops, retail environments, every part of our our cities - sensing, producing data and subject to control and feedback.
The Bitcoin is not subject to control or regulation and was therefore risky, said the central bank.
Rahman, a dad-of-four, who moved to the UK in 1982, pleaded guilty to two counts of employing an adult subject to control who had not been granted leave to enter or remain in UK.
Capitalism prevails but it is a malign system unless it is subject to control.
The statement came as Mrs May said the number of terror suspects subject to control orders has increased to 12, with two of these orders having been served since the last quarterly update to MPs.
people currently subject to control orders, virtual house detention.
Nine people are currently subject to control orders, each with a 16-hour home curfew.

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