subject to controversy

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An emerging technology still subject to controversy and with plenty of unknowns, PEMFCs are explained here in terms of their fundamentals, practices, and applications.
The national team of neighbouring Sudan has also been subject to controversy recently.
We shouldn't allow those with dual nationality, whether GCC or international, to run for parliamentary elections, because their loyalty is subject to controversy as no one can determine what nationality comes first," he said.
Summary: CAIRO - The formation of a constituent assembly to hammer out Egypt's new constitution has been subject to controversy for months in terms of the members' capacity to shoulder the responsibility.
ADOPTED Brummie Jamie Cox is the new Commonwealth lightmiddleweight champion, although his unanimous points victory at the London Hilton hotel was subject to controversy and booing.
This two-volume work is part of a series focusing on areas of global culture that are subject to controversy and debate.
Attwa has been subject to controversy earlier this season, when he signed for Zamalek, claiming he had no professional contract with Ahly.
However, we must acknowledge that the proposed development at Coatham Enclosure has been subject to controversy ( so we must bring people together to deliver this major exciting new scheme.
Is any public display in our nation that acknowledges God now subject to controversy and attack?
The bidding process, set up by the previous Ontario government, has been subject to controversy as a number of non-profit groups lost out in the bidding, losing to for-profit companies.
The 1982 film has long been subject to controversy.