subject to examination

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Commenting on the initial discovery, a spokesman said: "The remains will be subject to examination by a pathologist.
statistical statements not subject to examination by the auditors.
All available CCTV had been recovered and subject to examination.
Consultation has already taken place on the proposed charges which were then subject to examination hearing before an independent planning inspector.
Transfers in excess of 100,000 [euro] (approximately $122,195) are subject to examination.
On the Audit Bureau remarks concerning the London office, Sheikh Salem affirmed his resolve to seek help of international agencies to examine remarks on the 2012-2013 fiscal year, adding that the comments on Al-Zour stations would also be subject to examination.
The boat will be subject to examination and other lines of inquiries are being followed, mainly witness inquiries and CCTV in order to put pieces together to find out what has happened.
Leader of the WLGA, councillor Bob Wellington from Torfaen council, said: "The WLGA will await further detail on the remit of the commission but would expect all parts of Wales' public services to be subject to examination, including the setting of strategic policy at a national level.
Significantly, as registered investment advisers, private fund advisers now are also subject to examination by the SEC.
This essentially gave taxpayers two tax years to comply with the temporary regulations before they would be subject to examination.
Treatment is subject to examination - you need to be dentally fit.
Inspection arrangements have been subject to examination and improvement in order to identify failings and are now the most rigorous they have ever been in Scotland, and we will keep these matters under constant review.