subject to examination

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tax years are typically subject to examination for three to ten years.
PFCs will remain subject to examination as needed under existing statute.
Last August, the ministerial committee met in the palace of Beiteddine, and since then, the Ministry of the Interior has been subject to examination by all political forces.
The PIA performance is subject to examination by the state audit bodies.
A spokeswoman for the police watchdog said: "What appears to be a non-police issue firearm was found at the scene and will also be subject to examination.
He added, "The paragraph of the retrial mentioned in the draft of the general amnesty law would be subject to examination and evaluation of the Judiciary Committee, which in turn will re-investigate the detainee's file again.
All available CCTV had been recovered and subject to examination.
Consultation has already taken place on the proposed charges which were then subject to examination hearing before an independent planning inspector.
Transfers in excess of 100,000 [euro] (approximately $122,195) are subject to examination.
The boat will be subject to examination and other lines of inquiries are being followed, mainly witness inquiries and CCTV in order to put pieces together to find out what has happened.
The refilling of these trademarks will be the same as fresh applications and unlike previously, will be subject to examination on absolute and relative grounds.
Significantly, as registered investment advisers, private fund advisers now are also subject to examination by the SEC.