subject to influence

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The Adana Bar Association said that "the government was caught red-handed in the event," and the Antalya Bar Association said, "If judges could act without being subject to influence from the government and could decide according to their consciences, none of this would have happened.
Shifting the focus of health workforce regulation from the protection of safety and quality standards, to minimum competencies subject to influence from agencies responsible for workforce planning and care delivery, would risk all the HPCA Act had achieved, the submission states.
The state MPs for the local seats of Bankstown, East Hills, Bass Hill and Georges River were not subject to influence by Fitzpatrick.
Iowa's caucuses are subject to influence by highly motivated factions of the electorate and a style of retail politics that can't be practiced nationwide, making them an unreliable gauge of the candidates' appeal.
Yet he is also, perhaps more than any other poet, enmeshed in history, subject to influence, interpretation, and intertextual diffusion.
However, Betfred still did not settle and they yesterday issued a statement saying: "Following the announcement by the Football Association that they have charged players linked to the above match with a breach of a rule applied by the governing body, Betfred have taken the decision to void all bets placed on this match, win or lose, as they are deemed to have been subject to influence by the infringement of FA Rule E8(a).
While the end goal may be known, the actual path is subject to influence.
The benefit of hindsight shows that since 2005 the divestment statutes involving companies involved with Sudan don't appear to have solved or even influenced the problems in Darfur, and the government of Iran appears to be even more intransigent about terrorism and less subject to influence by outsiders.
that as well as a transcendent nature to God, there is also an immanent nature, one that is intimately tied up with the temporal creative advance and that is subject to influence from the created world.
Instead of portraying BSW programs as passively responsive, on the one hand, to the requirements of accreditation standards and, on the other hand, to evaluation results on how well graduates are prepared for what field agencies expect them to do, we can view these two forces on either side of BSW programs as themselves subject to influence.
Living targets also provide multiple channels for psi influences (for instance, in an experiment requiring a subject to influence another person's blood pressure, the result could be due to influence on the brain, on hormone release systems, directly on the blood vessel walls, or even be due to ESP and a desire to cooperate with the experimental protocol on the part of the target person).