subject to loss

See: endanger
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However, it may be subject to loss due to climatic conditions and genetics.
The lessee shall be bound to return the leased property in the condition as it was at the time when he occupied, subject to loss or deterioration due to a cause not attributed to him.
Issue of a duplicate is subject to loss, theft, damage or destruction of the driving vehicle.
To address this, an enactment clause was placed on the bill to render any provisions unenforceable that might be deemed inconsistent in HUD's review to avoid Virginia being out of compliance and subject to loss of funding or other punitive action.
This year, 10 schools are subject to loss of eligibility for default rates 30% or greater for three consecutive years, more than 40% for the latest year, or both (press release).
A floor on the premium placed in a fixed index annuity as this money isn't subject to loss in the event of a downturn in the equity markets.
This year, nine for-profit schools and one private nonprofit institution are subject to loss of eligibility for default rates that either were 30 percent or greater for three consecutive years, or were more than 40 percent for the latest year, or both.
7 billion of assets acquired from the FDIC, of which USD482 million of loans and USD22 million of other assets were still subject to loss sharing provisions.
With regard to sharing of hypothetical losses, purchases of securites of European institutions, which will be 12 percent of additional purchases, will be subject to loss sharing," the central banker said.
Moody's believes that although debt obligations and other capital instruments may be subject to loss in a resolution, counterparty obligations may be shielded from loss in order to preserve the entity's operations.
The other is the challenge of data needed to build the physical model, like a granular elevation database, that can be used to identify areas most subject to loss when inundation occurs.
The mere fact that Brantford lacked certain infrastructure did not mean the property was subject to loss or damage.