subject to measurement

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the quantities quoted in the quantitative account under lot no 1 of the public procurement are subject to measurement after completion of the construction works.
The shaping of entrepreneurial attitudes at an academic education level is subject to measurement, as well as whether it is possible to analyze the development of entrepreneurship based on the skills developed by students of economic or business universities.
the particular quantity of cTnI subject to measurement in the biological matrix) may exist in the intact ternary troponin form represented by SRM 2921.
We employed reduced major axis regression because the variables involved have different scales and are subject to measurement errors that are not easily specified (5).
When agents' inputs are subject to moral hazard and their outputs are subject to measurement errors, aggregate measures can be efficient because they increase the sample size available to infer upstream agents' unobservable acts and because they serve as an avenue for measurement errors to cancel.
c] is used as the amount of water vapor concentration produced by a PTMG The measurand, quantity subject to measurement, is the actual moisture concentration.
While the review of the entire population is not subject to sampling error, it is subject to measurement error.
The EC officials hate British racing because they can't think of any way to impose their own regulations on it - such as metric weights and distances, decimalisation of odds and Barry Cope's prawns to be subject to measurement by fat inspectors from Strasbourg.
The reader should note that differences in projected change and actual change are subject to measurement error because of both normal response errors and statistical errors associated with the surveys used to measure current employment in the base year, as well as the target year, of the projections.
Those quantities into account in quantitative lot 1 of the contract are subject to measurement after completion of works.
Because the values of the reference method in method comparison experiments are also subject to measurement error, it is often suggested that regression procedures be used that take these circumstances into account to avoid a biased estimation of intercept and slope.