subject to questioning

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It is the second time I have been in this courtroom, but the first time I am subject to questioning," he answered, when asked whether he had been interrogated before.
NNA - In an issued statement by the General Security Directorate-General on Sunday evening, it disclosed that "two men involved in funding and plotting for the Burj el-Barajneh twin explosions, namely Ibrahim Ahmed Rayed (Lebanese) and Mustafa Ahmed al-Jarf (Syrian) have been arrested and are now subject to questioning under the supervision of military prosecutors.
Peaceful demonstrators and bystanders may be subject to questioning, detention, arrest, and conviction for participating in or being in proximity to unauthorized demonstrations.
Quoting the state's transitional constitution, Malek said that a government decree should not be subject to questioning.
All three will be subject to questioning from leading media journalist and commentator Raymond Snoddy.
Participating in the march was a large number of workers and citizens, as well as a number of trade unionists and Shaher Saad, Secretary General of the Federation of Trade Unions of Palestine and Alchiokhi, who was arrested by Israeli forces and was transferred to the Russian compound prison along with four others who are now subject to questioning and investigation.
I would prefer, myself, to allow them to be charged and after they have been charged, so they know what they are facing, that they are still subject to questioning - albeit that is then in custody.
Both enslaved and free black people found their movements restricted and were subject to questioning, searches, or other forms of harassment at any time.
The number of officials who will be subject to questioning total around 300 and include former vice ministers.
All should be subject to questioning by the police after certain hours.
Any public employee in Bourne would be subject to questioning under oath in the course of an investigation, but it remains unclear why the Board of Selectmen see fit now to draft a new policy that allows them to place fire fighters under oath 'in any lawful proceeding.