subject to scrutiny

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The site has been subject to scrutiny over how ithandles inappropriate content.
"We have not been informed by government agencies or security agencies of any information on this matter." He explained, "The transfer of the families will be subject to scrutiny check by the security services in order to sort out Daesh families from others." He added: "While we are surprised by the news reported by the MP, we reiterate that the security and stability of Iraq above all considerations and that our ministry has devoted its efforts over the past years to rescue millions of displaced people who left their areas to escape the brutality of Daesh (ISIS) organization, therefore we as a ministry concerns with humanitarian aspects, we follow with interest all the details of the displacement camps, but the information provided by the MP lacks precision.
the reporting will need to clear with the final outputs subject to scrutiny and public examination.
The full back has been subject to scrutiny from all quarters after an alleged elbow on his former St Mirren teammate Cammy Smith last weekend.
The Perak mentri besar said the incentives were among measures to fight corruption, adding that the tip-offs are subject to scrutiny.
VIENNA, Sept 20 (KUNA) -- Kuwait called on influential member countries of the United Nations nuclear watchdog to demand Israel to join the global Non-Proliferation Treaty with its nuclear facilities subject to scrutiny.
However, the PTI leader needs to learn some lessons that unlike common citizens his public life is subject to scrutiny and he does not have the luxury to act on impulses and get carried away by every good-looking woman that approaches him.
"Slanderous and false comments against candidates will be subject to scrutiny," Son said.
Auditor-general Odysseas Michaelides replied that "anyone handling public money should be audited", adding that, given the fact that the CCB is a state-owned business to the tune of 99 per cent, after it was injected with e1/41.7 billion of taxpayer-funded capital in 2014 and 2015, it is subject to scrutiny by the Audit Service.
"It needs to hold on to that, because it's easy when you're subject to scrutiny and criticism to feel beleaguered and defensive - and that can have an impact on morale.
Moreover, City Regions are also subject to scrutiny by the National Assembly with representatives from both Swansea Bay and the Capital Region having given evidence to committees of the Fourth Assembly on a regular basis.
A son entree dans la Grande Galerie, le spectateur est d'abord subjugue par la presence monumentale d'une sculpture intitulee Subject to scrutiny. Des appareils photographiques et des cameras convergent au centre de l'Luvre, formant un noyau dense d'oo emergent des sons d'obturateur amplifies et des eclats lumineux projetes dans toutes les directions.