subject to termination

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The Contract period is to be up to a period of 12 months with an option to extend up to a period of a further 12) months in increments of 6 months (12+6+6) or until there is a change in the way in which the service is to be provided or until the end of the allocated budget subject to termination clauses contained within either the Conditions of Contract whichever prevails.
Firms that fail to properly report their engagements may be subject to termination from the program and referral to their state boards.
When applying carve-out exceptions it is equally important that the brands which may be subject to termination only represent a small percentage of the wholesaler's business.
In addition, the Agreement is subject to termination if a new labour agreement with all union locals at the company's Canadian mills has not been ratified by January 31, 2012.
Alldredge was only an at will' employee, subject to termination for any reason, as well as for "no reason at all," upon being give 90-days notice.
Such contracts are not cancelable for convenience but may be subject to termination by our customers for cause or breach of contract by us.
Byrnes was subject to termination "without notice and without a statement of cause.
Hampton, who would have been subject to termination in a seniority-based RIF, immediately jumped at the opportunity for a voluntary buyout.
Instead the Panel finds it more appropriate to take account of the fact that under a fixed term employment contract of this nature both parties (club and player) have a similar interest and expectation that the term of the contract will be respected, subject to termination by mutual consent.
The Purchase Agreement is subject to termination by Teksid Luxembourg in the event the Supervisory Board of Bavaria AG does not authorize and approve certain aspects of the transactions contemplated by the Purchase Agreement on or before September 15, 2007.
Ordinarily before an employee is subject to termination, he or she should be subjected to process of "progressive disciplinary action.
99) The plan and agreement both are subject to termination by a vote of a majority of the fund's disinterested directors or of the fund's outstanding voting securities.