subject to termination

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Anyone who in the future will be subject to termination without notice is part of our class," Hausman said.
Cathie Koch, a spokeswoman for Outback Steakhouse, told the Palm Beach Post that as per company policy, customers should not be mentioned by employees on social media and can be subject to termination if the policy is violated.
The best way US government need to do is to grant them temporal protection status, which is subject to termination when the South Sudanese warring parties reach a new peace deal or grant them a refugee status", the further stressed.
The current contract for the supply of electricity expire or subject to termination with effect from the day before the planned date of commencement of supply (column "supply period").
As a result, works from the early to mid-1960s and also from the 1980's may be subject to termination.
Subject to termination rights, to, among other things, Agnico Eagle will vote all of the common shares of Pershimco Resources Inc owned by Agnico Eagle in favour of the proposed plan of arrangement.
The offer, which has been sent to Carlisle's board of directors, would be subject to termination of the signed agreements for a private placement of common stock and a joint venture/earn-in agreement between Carlisle and AuRico Gold Inc (NYSE:AUQ).
Firms that fail to properly report their engagements may be subject to termination from the program and referral to their state boards.
When applying carve-out exceptions it is equally important that the brands which may be subject to termination only represent a small percentage of the wholesaler's business.
Alldredge was only an at will' employee, subject to termination for any reason, as well as for "no reason at all," upon being give 90-days notice.
Such contracts are not cancelable for convenience but may be subject to termination by our customers for cause or breach of contract by us.
Byrnes was subject to termination "without notice and without a statement of cause.