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From the very start, however, the assumption is made that "consciousness is the 'ground' on which the ego manifests itself in all its peculiar objectiveness (being the object of self-knowledge) and at the same time fully experiences its own subjectiveness.
The presence of imprecision and subjectiveness in describing the task requirements further complicates the attributes weighting process.
Ignoring a film due to its lack of "quality" subject matter is not only reprehensible in a country whose output of feature films is relatively limited, but also represents a failure to recognize the subjectiveness of "quality" itself.
Judges score athletes from their own countries higher than other judges do, and they appear to vary their biases strategically in response to the stakes, the scrutiny given the event, and the degree of subjectiveness of the performance aspect being scored.
315) While the Court should be commended for not relying on the Katz test to resolve this case, this new test that the Court has fashioned does little to deal with the subjectiveness and unpredictability for which the Katz test has been criticized.
Through this asserted 'difference', the subjectiveness of whiteness remains invisible.
Agreement was lowest by far for scales (58%), reflecting the overall poor clarity of marks and the resulting subjectiveness in scale age readings compared with otolith age readings.
And although work can be a hardship, it is not incompatible with the subjectiveness of man.
Almost everyone expressed familiar concerns about the consistency and subjectiveness of the accreditation process.
The software eliminates some of the subjectiveness of interpretations, but also may oversimplify complex hydrogeologic environments and allow the user to obtain results without completely understanding the method or its limitations.
Another major shortcoming of densitometric scanning lies in the subjectiveness of manual adjustment of boundaries of protein zones.