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In light of the first two essays which demonstrate the production of subjectivities living under capitalism, in his essay 'The Rise of the Post-Left: Subversion, Multiplicity, Community', Marco Cuevas-Hewitt contends that a conceptual shift is taking place through the rejection of older forms of anti-capitalist resistance and the uptake of a post-left sensibility that 'calls into question the modernist paradigm itself'.
Indeed, historians in and of the modern era must not allow the dominant culture's mystification of work and class to define their work; rather, they must make the problematic character of worker and middle-class subjectivities and all forms of work the subject of their interrogation.
Theodora Jankowski, whose scholarship on queer theory and its applications to renaissance literary and dramatic texts has added important dimensions to our understanding of early modern cultural production, here explores Dekker's Honest Whore plays to illustrate how the alliance of queer theory with feminist and Marxist/cultural-materialist theory and criticism provides new insights into the representation of early modern subjectivities, in particular radical subject positions occupied by women.
Furthermore, I fully acknowledge my racialised and gendered heritage, and my membership of a diverse and rich diaspora from Africa to the Caribbean and the UK: I take due account of the discriminatory practices which continually configure my subjectivities as Other, yet these practices do not solely define who I am.
Pini focuses primarily on two "alternative" female subjectivities--Rosi Braidotti's nomad and Donna Haraway's cyborg--and attempts to connect them to the nontraditional subjectivities explored and embraced by the female ravers she has interviewed.
Immigrant Subjectivities and Desires in Overseas Student Literature: Chinese, Postcolonial, or Minority Text?
Together, Rajan's essays provide insightful and interesting readings of the cultural constructions/representations of Indian gendered subjectivities in the postcolonial context.
This fact, along with the fact that other subjectivities succeed us after we die, suggests an alternative to the intuition of impending nothingness in the face of death.
No writer on biography, except perhaps Stauffer, has previously coped with the range of works on which Subjectivities is based.
Instead, she views the utopian prospect of cultivating to transcendent perfection one's "true Individualism" as a mystifying "embourgeoisement" that obscures and devalues the "plurality of subjectivities" (276) that she hopes to release in her history of subjectivities.
And we could all wave our subjectivities in the air like sad flags on small islands, fiercely laying claim to our own territory, confusing where we have been and what has made us what we are, with where we want to go.
The multiplicity of subjectivities that one encounters among Puerto Ricans in the early twentieth century is not the sole result of post-1898 changes but had been engendered throughout the many centuries of struggles and negotiations within local, regional, and international circuits of power.