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Another thing that is, incidentally, illustrated here is presence of independent functor and determiner, to compare with the absolutive with subjoined determiner in (12).
ra subjoined syllables are read as ya subjoined syllables.
Subjoined was a glowing review from the previous week's Edinburgh Advertiser extolling Aldridge's performance of Zanga in The Revenge.
William Gerard Hamilton, Parliamentary Logic: To which are subjoined Two Speeches, Delivered in the House of Commons of Ireland, and other pieces by the Right Honorable William Gerard Hamilton.
Prior to approximately 1985, the Arkansas law required that the assessment of the mineral interests be subjoined, and with all the counties in the state it was never correctly done," Daily said.
Though the translator thinks he has good reason to reject the fragment as the composition of Ossian; yet as it is, after all, still somewhat doubtful whether it is or not, he has here subjoined it.
Moreover, how can we square Stanton's suggestion with Smith's own comments, recorded in her letters to Sarah Rose: "I shall leave it among my Aphorisms to my Grandchildren, Never to put their trust in a Lord--" (645) or more pointedly "How do you think that my correspondence will tell if I should be cut up hereafter, when such letters as these subjoined make a part of it" (663).
144) In the debate over the national bank in 1791, Madison argued that no additional federal power was given by the terms, "common defence, and general welfare" in clause 1, because those terms were themselves "limited and explained by the particular enumeration subjoined.
Scarce could his azure mother soothe his grief, when to her speech she these last words subjoined.
Or perhaps to help them celebrate their own might and power, which subjoined the force of their Yahweh.
To Which Are Subjoined Some Dissertations Connected with the History of the Government from the Revolution to the Present Time, London, United Kingdom: J.
To the terminal swamp was originally subjoined a summary coda of some three thousand words partly concerned with a philosophy of art Nick thinks he has arrived at; a coda which Hemingway cancelled(3)--words lost in the swamp.