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He called upon for the alliance of the oppressed subjugated nations and raise their voice in front of the international community, the U.
That laughter becomes risible when States that once subjugated her and now as this house has done, now issue dated ultimatums for her to do this or that by this date or that date at the pain of serious sanctions," the Sri Lankan-born British MEP said at the debate.
In both instances there is a shift from the detached individual subject to a communal subject-a subject located in a subjugated or marginalized community existing at the intersection of multiple and complex social, ethnic, and power structures.
Fleming said, "I am not sure women are subjugated, but I am not a woman.
Egypt has been subjugated to an American political and military hegemony.
He fails to address those women who are subjugated and terrorised by threat of physical violence into wearing it.
No doubt Klaus Armstrong-Braun will only be satisfied when he has caused our traditional industries to be subjugated and closed down by Europe and the indigenous population subject to penury.
Do not think just because we are covered from head to toe, we are subjugated.
It was the German army, together with the Russian army, who subjugated that country.
Despite a mutual cease-fire brokered in Egypt, Israel has subjugated over a million people to unfathomably deplorable living conditions.
The Suez campaign was an act of aggression by Great Britain against a subjugated and peaceful nation, Egypt, to deprive that nation of its natural resource - The Suez Canal.
we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire .