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Through a series of tweets, Gargash contended that "Arab options are clearly explicit in this regard;" adding that Arab consensus is the deterrent to being subjugated to hegemony and over-arching influence by external powers; namely, Turkey and Iran.
Sources say that a total of 3 people were subjugated to beatings by Israeli .
Egypt has been subjugated to an American political and military hegemony.
Most educators have been subjugated to the MI theory and to the many issues that its implementation in the classroom brings.
For sundry reasons, but most notably that the nationalistic spirit of the individual member states was never subjugated to the will of the collective association, the League of Nations quite quickly began to break apart and, by the late 1930s, was all but a failed experiment.
This analysis of disguise focuses Weimann's argument acutely, for he shows us how fixity and flux, representation and protean play can co-exist and even be mutually empowering: "the representation of socially and sexually fixed roles is subjugated to a bewildering volatility.
They ask: 'How can design utilise the opportunities of current industrial production so that the practice of architectural representation is neither independent of nor subjugated to the domination of technology?
Functions and limits of orality in film that have been considered as anchored in and, therefore, subjugated to the visual text, need to be reexamined as well.
Nearly every speaker at the GOP podium implies that the Founding Fathers' philosophy of individual rights must be subjugated to the greater good of mankind.
Perhaps most important, was science in the Exxon case deliberately subjugated to emotionalism, supporting the contentions of environmentalists bent on subverting market forces through regulation and judicial fiat?
Miyake has said that, "Clothing belongs to design and innovation, while fashion is nothing but creativity subjugated to the top priorities of business.
It is clearly unfair for the public interest to be subjugated to the private economic interests of AT&T.