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From this perspective, virtualiy every aspect of residual British influence is pronounced corrupt, even the schools and libraries and hospitals that were left behind, all of which are in some dimension malevolent institutions, intent on subjugating and diminishing the indigenous people of color.
Towards the end of the nineteenth century, William Morris announced with some pride that 'Men urged by their necessities and desires have laboured for many thousands of years at the task of subjugating the forces of Nature .
The harsh story of tyrannical brutality plays out in dances of piercing pain, their simplicity counterpointing poignant classicism with a heavy folksiness suggesting the brutish assaults of invaders subjugating a war-torn village through violence, rape, and death.
It is equally "romantic" to think that Israel can succeed in subjugating the Palestinian Arabs indefinitely or that the Palestinian Arabs will go away.
According to Kashmir Media Service, Farooq Siddiqi in a statement issued in Srinagar said that India must realize that use of brute force and subjugating Kashmiri people against their wishes would continue to diminish its image more of a so-called democratic country.
REGARDING the person who was the victim of a racial violence in Edinburgh because of his accent, unfortunate as the incident was, may I point out that the English have made a career out of racially subjugating the Scottish people.
True believers in the possibility of subjugating eros to strict, rational control, if we can indoctrinate the little blighters early enough, they recommend a sex-ed curriculum for children as young as five.
Niedermayr photographs from such a distance that the people consuming these sites never become individuals, remaining instead anonymous upwardly mobile integers who mill about aimlessly observing this occupied territory, subjugating a culturally privileged destination.