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She demonstrates how the participation of African soldiers--tirailleurs senegalais--in the repression of the Malagasy insurrection in 1947 left them in a liminal place, suspended between the subjugators and the subjugated.
13) It is an amazingly intimate account of the imprisonment of the young monarch and the power she had to captivate her subjugators.
One of its most lasting and corrosive political impacts may have been a toleration of subjugation, which was accepted by all races, the subjugated and the subjugators.
Hosni's loss was a victory to Egyptians whose human and civil rights have been trampled for almost three decades and who didn't want to see their subjugators being rewarded with the prestigious appointment, they said.
she must parrot the superiority of her subjugators.
The subjugated suddenly become the subjugators, never to be put in the reverse situation again.
Puck represents English history as a succession of invasions in which aggressors are either repelled or assimilated in such a way that would-be subjugators paradoxically become "subjugated" themselves.
An imaginative absorption of subjugators through a mystically irresistible "spirit of the land" is at work as well in A School History of England, in which each successive invader is paradoxically vanquished, from the Romans ("the spirit of the dear motherland entered [into them], and became a passion" [p.
Point two is an inescapable truth and the nations who have done so have invariably spawned legitimate resistance movements to overthrow the subjugators.
Imperialism failed by the middle of the twentieth century, not only because subjugated peoples rejected it, but also because a democratic moral sensibility came to affect the subjugators.
HARIPUR -- President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that the subjugators of constitution and law breakers are traitors.