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171) Therefore, race can serve as a metaphor to offer humanity a tool to see how interrelatedness and its resulting cause and effect of actions must be properly in balance to advance the consciousness of the subjugator and the subjugated alike if there is to be true transcendence over institutional discrimination that permeates and extends to high-poverty schools.
Puck represents English history as a succession of invasions in which aggressors are either repelled or assimilated in such a way that would-be subjugators paradoxically become "subjugated" themselves.
An imaginative absorption of subjugators through a mystically irresistible "spirit of the land" is at work as well in A School History of England, in which each successive invader is paradoxically vanquished, from the Romans ("the spirit of the dear motherland entered [into them], and became a passion" [p.
Point two is an inescapable truth and the nations who have done so have invariably spawned legitimate resistance movements to overthrow the subjugators.
Imperialism failed by the middle of the twentieth century, not only because subjugated peoples rejected it, but also because a democratic moral sensibility came to affect the subjugators.
HARIPUR -- President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that the subjugators of constitution and law breakers are traitors.