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Therefore, the degree of sharing tolerated by the sublation of the opposing tendencies mentioned above gives evidence about the degree of their relative independence or co-optation by market logic.
56) Rather, like language-the mimetic "Umschlag into objectivity" (57)--the subject finds its sudden unity in a recognition of disunity-and this alone is the sublation that avoids liquidation.
Byrne, "Consciousness: Levels, Sublations, and the Subject as Subject," METHOD: Journal of Lonergan Studies 13 (1995) 131-50.
Because this sublation was out of step with historical events, both within Scott's narrative and on the ground in Spain--Wellington would not move for some months yet--the cavalry episodes in Blue Beard become that much more resonant.
It thus becomes a tool of repression and sublation, a way to cancel specific negative thoughts while also preserving and even intensifying their overall emotional effect.
Hegel introduces his own unique set of concepts: first two fundamental concepts, namely, the concept of the Concept itself and the concept of absolute negativity, second a number of operative concepts such as determination, determinate negation, sublation, thought-determinations, indifference, Conceptual movement, realization, reflection, and the Idea, which are in fact modifications of the Concept and absolute negativity.
Instead of disjoining the work from the praxis of life, the avant-gardist purpose is the sublation of art into the praxis of life.
53) In fact, according to Hegel, in opposition to the classic Aristotelian abstraction, "abstractive thought, therefore, is not to be regarded as the mere disregarding of a sensuous material which does not suffer in the process any impairment of reality; it is rather the sublation and reduction of that material as a mere appearance to the essential, which is manifested only in the concept.
And in sublation, humans invest in an image of an absolute Other, God, the self-blinded belief of himself as a responsible individual.
In Angustia, Roche finds that instead of an untutored note-taker, Ramos is a sophisticated tracer of speech, Rocha finds further clues amongst the bulls and goats, "lullabying" modernist sublation, and the death of the poet becoming the birth of the domestic voice.
Arsic situates this process as a reversal of her construction of Hegel's aspiration for the individual to see him or herself in the context of a national spirit: "What Hegel conceives of as the moment of the ethical--the sublation of individual differences into the generality of spirit, through communal union--becomes for Emerson the manifestation of oppression" as the national "negates the multiple and the different" (39).
Fowler's art and music are the fallout from his practice of perpetual sublation.