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By doing so, self-consciousness loses the structure of sublation, we even can say that it disseminates itself in the acts of negation, and thus mutates into a pure negative medium, or into the space of nonotherness.
When this becomes explicit for the representational consciousness, consciousness is transcended in the universal of self-consciousness: "the death of the mediator is the sublation of his objectivity or his particular being-for-self; it is the death of "the abstraction of the divine being, that is not posited as a self." (91)
Most notably, here it is possible to find a departure for conceiving the relation between the nonpropositionally organic and propositional human thought on a mode other than superaddition and sublation. When one establishes this relation as one that connects abstraction to abstraction, rather than an impoverished concretion to the richness of signification, it simultaneously becomes more difficult to commit to a subtractive conception of life deduced from an image of the already propositional human thought.
Regarding the hypostatic union, Christ represents the quintessential instance of the sublation of a lordly/absolute and slavish/empirical consciousness in a single individual.
There is nowhere an understanding by newest social movement scholars, including their post-anarchist sympathisers (May, Newman, etc.), that it is possible to adopt a universalist framework which negates the negation through sublation. More generally, this points to a reoccurring problem within anarchist scholarship.
Therefore, the degree of sharing tolerated by the sublation of the opposing tendencies mentioned above gives evidence about the degree of their relative independence or co-optation by market logic.
You can witness total sublation in the cock of one's own eyebrows
Adorno does, of course, give us the impression that the speed of the turnover, the leap or sublation into the qualitatively new, continues to happen in a fundamentally regressive manner.
(93) But to appeal to the sublation of the levels of consciousness does not infer that any one of the patterns is taken up and absorbed by the other.
Because this sublation was out of step with historical events, both within Scott's narrative and on the ground in Spain--Wellington would not move for some months yet--the cavalry episodes in Blue Beard become that much more resonant.
It thus becomes a tool of repression and sublation, a way to cancel specific negative thoughts while also preserving and even intensifying their overall emotional effect.
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