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With a "red extended mouth and solitary eye of fire" (155), the cat's presence marks the sublation of evil and the good, and it will see to it that justice will be executed.
23) For a related discussion of preservation and destruction in terms of the Hegelian notion of sublation, see Godden 694.
When these two terms are united in the discipline of "contemplative science" that Wallace envisions, the result is a union (or perhaps better, a sublation in Hegel's sense) via dialogue between scientists and meditative practitioners who are trained in both philosophical contemplation (i.
My interpretation of this discourse suggests that Canada's national identity is constructed on the basis of material inequalities through negation and sublation of refugees.
Reading Chesnutt vis-a-vis Marx, Peterson focuses on the interruptions to the restricted economies of slavery and kinship introduced by the ghost, understood as neither spirit nor body but as a surplus that scuttles the Hegelian sublation of master versus slave (67).
272) languages of various social groups in relation to each other; and its processes of contradiction and sublation are described by the boundary along which different language worlds meet and mutually shape each other.
It is further a kind of Hegelian sublation, a "translation to a higher level incident on partial cancellation of the physical" (Ricoeur, quoted on p.
A further departure is urged from "the silencing and sublation of other ways of knowing" (p.
Instead, he hints grimly that the sublation of the contradiction between "American" and "Negro" opens the door for the United States to exert its force with greater impunity.
Llewelyn, "is negation and affirmation" at once, the sublation or Aufhebung of the Hegelian system, but often enough unremarked.
142): '[T]he dialectic is in reality the study of all these types of negation together (along with their contradictions with each other): thus, it includes both contrariety and contradiction (the two negative axes of the Greimas square), but also the logical difference between them (a difference which is at once both contrariety and contradiction, a sublation of both which is at one and the same time their synthesis and their differentiation)'.
In his willingness to think through the impossible irreconcilability of the Greek condition--that tragedy has no resolution, that history defies sublation, that ethics poses problems to which reason alone can not find answers--Schmidt has helped to clear a path of questioning that makes us ever more aware of our finitude and limits.