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Although the tail is too faint for spectroscopic measurements, Hsieh and Jewitt infer from the dust's velocity and the long duration of activity that the material is ejected when subsurface water ice sublimates, that is, turns directly from solid to gas.
This attitude and approach to living may, I postulate, be partially grounded constitutionally in an overactive sympathetic nervous system around which compulsive personality traits evolve in order to organize and sublimate what otherwise would be restive feelings.
The steep pressure gradients inside the system indicate the potential for a highly dynamic system that depends on the mass flow rate of the heated fluid to sublimate the ammonia carbamate above 140[degrees]F.
At such a close perihelion distance from the Sun, sungrazers are expected to be intensely heated by the Sun, and sublimate not only ice but also silicates and even metals, releasing a tremendous amount of dust.
As the ice pellets sublimate (turn into a gas without becoming a liquid), the contaminant is lifted from the surface.
Much of the present trouble devolves from failure to sublimate the surplus energy of the young.
Eroding the familiar, bending form and style, comfort and stability blur and sublimate in Harris's supple poetic transpositions of genre, gender, sexuality, and race.
Although temperatures along the cracks may never rise above freezing, the ice begins to sublimate, or move directly from solid form to a vapor.
Water ice could not sublimate (evaporate directly from solid to gas) nearly so fast.
In such conditions, liquid water would quickly sublimate into the atmosphere and out into space.
Dry ice pellets are non-abrasive and they sublimate as they strike the surface being cleaned.
The question is whether schools tend to exacerbate those feelings or to sublimate them to some higher end.