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Without a war to sublimate their murderous impulses, Americans turn their wrath against our nation's Jewish citizens.
The potential clinical manifestations of this over-activity might be a vague restlessness, tension or exaggerated drive, all of which the person seeks to organize and modulate, even sublimate, by compulsive personality traits.
Did communicators sublimate their abilities, their opinions, their strategies to management teams who "knew" what was right for their organizations?
the way in which [followers of the French School] sublimate the priesthood was considered the guarantee par excellence for maintaining the respect we owe the Church's ministers.
Freeze dryers sublimate samples in three steps: freezing, primary drying and secondary drying.
In all other cases, the snow crystals encounter warmer air layers on their way down-and sublimate.
Far from further fragmenting the UK it could make the coming together of the various "nations" in Westminster each week a unifying opportunity, and make the MPs sublimate some of their "nationalistic" poses for the common good.
Much of the present trouble devolves from failure to sublimate the surplus energy of the young.
Eroding the familiar, bending form and style, comfort and stability blur and sublimate in Harris's supple poetic transpositions of genre, gender, sexuality, and race.
Although temperatures along the cracks may never rise above freezing, the ice begins to sublimate, or move directly from solid form to a vapor.
Dry ice pellets are non-abrasive and they sublimate as they strike the surface being cleaned.