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This attitude and approach to living may, I postulate, be partially grounded constitutionally in an overactive sympathetic nervous system around which compulsive personality traits evolve in order to organize and sublimate what otherwise would be restive feelings.
The steep pressure gradients inside the system indicate the potential for a highly dynamic system that depends on the mass flow rate of the heated fluid to sublimate the ammonia carbamate above 140[degrees]F.
We were to believe that from the moment he does something in the exercise of his functions, the priest, because his ordination, in making him the hand of Christ, constituted him in a loftier state than that of the ordinary Christian, then acts as being of Christ by privileged right and brings to men a ray, sometimes a bit obscured (but in such a case we shed a furtive tear and then quickly pull the veil), a ray which emanates from Christ...Sacerdos alter Christus--this is the maxim...for a long time now...the way in which [followers of the French School] sublimate the priesthood was considered the guarantee par excellence for maintaining the respect we owe the Church's ministers.
Freeze dryers sublimate samples in three steps: freezing, primary drying and secondary drying.
To help you address negatives, use this four-step process: validate, interrogate, sublimate, and ameliorate.
His poetry titles include The Darkness Surrounds Us (1960), Black and White (1964), The Perfect Fiction (1968), Corrosive Sublimate (1971), The Orangery (1978), and Selected Poems (1981).
At such a close perihelion distance from the Sun, sungrazers are expected to be intensely heated by the Sun, and sublimate not only ice but also silicates and even metals, releasing a tremendous amount of dust.
Far from further fragmenting the UK it could make the coming together of the various "nations" in Westminster each week a unifying opportunity, and make the MPs sublimate some of their "nationalistic" poses for the common good.
As the ice pellets sublimate (turn into a gas without becoming a liquid), the contaminant is lifted from the surface.
Much of the present trouble devolves from failure to sublimate the surplus energy of the young.
Eroding the familiar, bending form and style, comfort and stability blur and sublimate in Harris's supple poetic transpositions of genre, gender, sexuality, and race.
Although temperatures along the cracks may never rise above freezing, the ice begins to sublimate, or move directly from solid form to a vapor.