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The sublimating flow of time that he allows to shape his actions leads to a hierarchy in which his individual work on the themes he extracts are "worth" more than the work involved in generating these themes.
The activity we see can only be explained by ice sublimating," he says.
Some of the smoothing, he notes, may result from frozen material sublimating from the surface, exposing terrain that lies beneath but then falling back to create a fresh deposit.
Her body wrapped in yards of white cotton, her head shaved and eyebrows shorn, she faced insects and rats and flying snakes, and learned to meditate for 19 hours at a stretch, sublimating ego, breathing through doubt, hunger and restlessness, making friends with fear and loneliness to ordain as a Buddhist nun.
The patient may then adapt to the pulling and tugging of autonomic impulses, adapt to those diffuse restive and driven feelings by organizing and sublimating these pressures into traits of compulsivity and perfectionism.