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Throughout the SGIA Expo, Photo USA will have scheduled demonstrations using sublimation heat press equipment to produce personalized items such as iPhone cases and ceramic mugs.
Xennia s digital textile ink range includes Xennia Amethyst reactive dye ink for printing cotton and cellulosics, Xennia Moissanite UV curable ink for outdoor textile printing and the new Xennia Corundum sublimation ink.
We have succeeded in porting this same high-quality to our sublimation transfer printers, which are even being used in the sportswear and apparel industries, where faithful color reproduction and image quality are absolutely critical.
The sublimation operator can be marked in a more suggestive manner (SUBL).
The initially coarse granules will gradually reduce in size due to the sublimation of the connecting ice structure in between the frozen material.
The motion and the future that emerge from sublimation depend upon the privileging of three interrelated conceptual operations: a model of truth based on a strict separation of thought and experience, an assumption that this truth is timeless and valid for all future experience, and a suppression of materiality and the body that legitimizes the distinction between thought and experience as well as being the precondition for thinking of any truth as outside of time.
This is a very expensive process and not as durable as dye sublimation, as it does not penetrate the part.
A lot of teams are looking for unique looks that incorporate sublimation," says AIS's Rubenstein.
He maintained that the French School went so far in this illusory sublimation that, at least in more recent times, many of those it formed believed that the priest communicates a higher dignity to and actually sanctifies whatever he happens to do in his ordinary life.
Although sublimation is a "nuisance property," it doesn't generally cause much difficulty, says Chicago's Philip E.
Roland DGA Corporation, a leading provider of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters, today introduced a new sublimation solution for its VersaArt series of four-color CMYK wide-format inkjet printers.
Designers from North and South America to Feature Fabric Color, Context and Couture Innovation Unleashed by Epson's Advanced Dye Sublimation Printers