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Our product range, from Monna Lisa for industrial textile digital printing, to our sublimation and DTG printing, can fully meet the needs of any market.
The images I've chosen are printed on special sublimation paper before they are placed
At that point, we developed and patented solvent dye sublimation.
Xennia s digital textile ink range includes Xennia Amethyst reactive dye ink for printing cotton and cellulosics, Xennia Moissanite UV curable ink for outdoor textile printing and the new Xennia Corundum sublimation ink.
Typical Dye Sublimation Applications 100% Performance Polyester
We have succeeded in porting this same high-quality to our sublimation transfer printers, which are even being used in the sportswear and apparel industries, where faithful color reproduction and image quality are absolutely critical.
The capacity for sublimation, he argued, varied from individual to individual and had its limits.
In addition to silicon sublimation, EOC researchers Joshua Robinson, Mark Fanton, Brian Weiland, Kathleen Trumbull, and Michael LaBella are developing the synthesis and device fabrication of graphene on silicon using a non-sublimation route as a means to achieve wafer diameters exceeding 200mm, a necessity for integrating graphene into the existing semiconductor industry.
int]) which exposed to sublimation changes into a wise entity ([E.
At work in both the narrator's aesthetic theory and the patron's assumption that time will inevitably draw the narrator closer to his position is the logic of cultural sublimation.
Modernist transparency purported to be about structural clarity, not light effects, yet the new MOMA evokes a dematerialized minimalism: a sublimation of material and technique, not an exposure; a fetishization of substance and structure, not a defetishization--in short, the near opposite of what "modernism" and "Minimalism" once meant.