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It was not the touch he needed most at such a moment - the touch that could calm the wild waters of his soul, as the uplifted hand of the sublimest love and patience could abate the raging of the sea - yet it was a woman's hand too.
From the trunk of that tree of vengefulness and hatred, Jewish hatred-- the profoundest and sublimest kind of hatred, capable of creating ideals and reversing values, the like of which has never existed on earth before-- there grew something equally incomparable, a new love, the profoundest and sublimest kind of love--and from what other trunk could it have grown?
Once, though, we witnessed him in uncontrollable laughter, as from the stage of the Aula Maxima, a venerable Irish scholar and raconteur held an audience convulsed with merriment for nearly two hours at a wholly delightful mixture of sparkling wit and the sublimest egotism .
4) Calvin, in concord with Luther's approach, takes the same line on the problem of the justice of divine election: "For it is not right for man unrestrainedly to search out things that the Lord has willed to be hid in himself, and to unfold from eternity itself the sublimest wisdom, which he would have us revere but not understand that through this he might fill us with wonder.
16-23) to Collins' "Now sublimest triumph swelling, / Now on love and mercy dwelling" ("Ode on the Poetical Character," 11.
It is a reflection of the sublimest achievement of man and an even greater reflection of the Creation around us.
Miss Martineau is British sociologist Harriet Martineau (1802-1876), of which Ward says, "Miss Martineau was told by a gentleman, that the sublimest sight in North America is the leap of a slave from a boat to the Canadian shore.
If we were told," writes the Quarterly, "of a man who, thus witnessing the sublimest assemblage of natural objects, should retire to a cabin near and write aetheos after his name in the album, we hope our own feelings would be pity rather than disgust.