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From the trunk of that tree of vengefulness and hatred, Jewish hatred--the profoundest and sublimest kind of hatred, capable of creating ideals and reversing values, the like of which has never existed on earth before--there grew something equally incomparable, a new love, the profoundest and sublimest kind of love--and from what other trunk could it have grown?
It is the sublimest and happiest time I have ever had in my life.
But if we peruse Galileo's famous Dialogues concerning the system of the world, we shall find, that that great genius, one of the sublimest that ever existed, first bent all his endeavours to prove, that there was no foundation for the distinction commonly made between elementary and celestial substances.
Hazlitt's dramatization of coach travel also everts the imperial image of the Royal Mail as "the sublimest object" (as he describes mail-coaches in "The Letter-Bell," anticipating De Quincey [207]).
BORIS JOHNSON went to Wimbledon last week and described the All England Tennis Club as "the sublimest thing this country has to offer".
His problem was 'believing / everything he read, the divinest poets / told the sublimest lies' (p.
By refusing to censor this exchange, the state promotes a "sprightly" social "body" whose citizens collectively "guard well its own freedom and safety" by considering "the solidest and sublimest points of controversies, and invention.
As Dryden explained: "No man will disagree from another's judgment concerning the dignity of style in heroic poetry; but all reasonable men will conclude it necessary that sublime subjects ought to be adorned with the sublimest, and consequently often, with the most figurative expressions" (118).
It is therefore "the most pure sincere, and sublimest juyce in our Body," the "pure Sweet Homogeneous, Balsamick, Vital Juice," the "most highly exalted Liquour of Life" (Galeno-pale, 52; Aimatiasis, 2, 3).
They dare to parallel (engraven everywhere on the walls of their building and read as the substance of every service) the sublimest utterances of Holy Writ, the choice words of Jesus Christ and St.
The sublimest ideas are given of the Deity; he is spoken of with the deepest reverence, and yet with all the warmth and pathos of personal gratitude and affection.
8) For murder to be considered art, it must of course be useless, as in the example of John Williams's mass-murders of the Marr and Williamson families in Ratcliffe Highway, London, throughout the December of 1811 (considered by De Quincey 'the sublimest and most entire in their excellence that ever were committed'): (9)