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Economou, nature "could stand for the Platonic intermediary between the intelligible and material worlds; or for the divinely ordained power that presides over the continuity and preservation of whatever lives in the sublunary world" (Goddess 3).
His astrological doctrine methodically articulates the organic and sympathetic interaction between the hegemonic body, the Sun, and some discrete components of the sublunary realm, the human beings (39).
It is not possible for her (or for any human being) to satisfy all her passions and sexual appetites, and this shows the impossibility of fulfilment in the sublunary world.
Although the natural sublunary phenomena can be scientifically demonstrated, it is necessary a model of demonstration that incorporates into the demonstrative structure processes, developments and change.
In an autobiographical poem published in her 1923 second collection, Sublunary, Cunard says that although the muses that "Rocked Her Cradle" guided her toward conflicting fates with "courage," "uncertainty," and "Adventure," she was never touched by "Jealousy" (Cunard, "These" 82).
It is a passion to be satisfied by no sublunary sights, or sounds, or sentiments, and the soul thus athirst strives to allay its fever in futile efforts at creation.
Translation might, for instance, be said to work within a non-essentialist, sublunary zone and to involve at least three very earthly actions: 1) a constant weighing of words in their different linguistic and cultural contexts, 2) a negotiation of meanings, and 3) a finding of comparable terms and contexts in a language other than the source (see Ost, Les Detours 38; also Bermann, "Working in the 'And' Zone").
Bartleby, the Archetypal Man, sets forth on his sublunary periplus, clad in the appearance of a "poor," "pallid" copyist; he willingly submits himself to the limiting conditions of the space he visits.
Implicit in this view is the possibility that all "sublunary" languages (to cite Donne again) are essentially equivalent and might equally (to cite F.
Orient Dream looks a little oriental and is mainly in black and white with a hint of colour, and Sublunary features a large moon.
The Biblical intertext, thematizing transcendence over spatial constraints as a signifier of power and control, thus confers a vatic dimension upon the "Valediction," which accords with Donne's emphasis on the holy nature of his love, which transcends the "dull, sublunary" love of ordinary individuals (l.
In the sublunary world we all inhabit, though, it is normally the case that comparative history is undertaken by scholars who belong to one discipline taking an interest in another discipline in which they are really outsiders.