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Combined buccal and submandibular spaces were the most commonly involved in OMI (48.
On further evaluation, it was found that submandibular space infection is common in the toothache group (8 cases); retained foreign body causing infection in the retropharyngeal space mainly (6 out of 7 cases).
Laryngoscopy devices are designed for insertion into the upper airway to provide a glottic image by one of two methods: either in the midline over the tongue; or along the floor of mouth with displacement of tongue and flattening of the submandibular space.
Key Words: Displacement of teeth, iatrogenic displacement of teeth, maxillary antrum, infratemporal space, Submandibular space, inferior alveolar nerve canal , Caldwell Luc.
The definitive treatment of Ludwig's angina involves securing airway early and a combination of broad spectrum antibiotics and surgical decompression of a firmly indurated submandibular space.
1,2) Cervicofacial actinomycosis is the most common form of this disease, with most of these cases occurring in the parotid gland, cheek, and submandibular space.
Contrast-enhanced MRI shows excellent anatomic detail, and diffusion-weighted images demonstrate high contrast between the lymph nodes and adjacent fat in the submandibular space, which correlate to the areas of increased FDG uptake.
Volume of the submandibular space Absolute reduction in volume
Submandibular space infection: a potentially lethal infection.
T-2 weighed MRI images, showed hyperintense fluid filled cavity in left sublingual space, extending to right submandibular space along the posterior edge of mylohyoid muscle.