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The official admitted that many low-lying areas have submerged and rescue work could not be stared yet.
The submerged car in the River Colne at Milnsbridge - luckily no-one was inside when the vehicle rolled into the water PiCTuRe: MiChelle TaTT helle Ta ERSALL
Var of Tunca Bridge were nearly submerged by the water level
ISLAMABAD -- A 100 feet wide breach in canal near Daur submerged standing crops on hundreds of acres of land here.
South Korea's Ministry of National Defence said the new zone would include two small islands and a submerged rock historically disputed with China.
The installation of submerged vanes is a technique which controls the sediments entering the intake.
It is already half submerged, my tea shop is already half submerged, I don't know what I will do.
Each channel is submerged below an outward tread surface such that the submerged channel will emerge as the tread wears down.
Vast stretches of Africa's most populous nation have been submerged by floods in the past few weeks, as major rivers like the Niger, the continent's third longest, burst their banks.
What does the future hold for the global submerged arc welding market in the current economic scenario?
A MAN and a dog died yesterday when the car they were travelling in became completely submerged in 5ft of fast-flowing water as it drove across a ford.
Summary: Italian authorities have suspended the search for bodies in the submerged parts of the capsized Costa Concordia, officials have said.