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Now, the MP [Madhya Pradesh] government claims that Rajghat is above submergence level[s] when the height of the dam is being increased further.
By increasing the ratio of submergence ratio, the efficiency of the sharp vortex breaker edge with a rectangular body has raised and since the experiments were continued to the complete submergence, it is seen that by getting close to the complete submergence, vortex breakers have similar performance, that for the lengths with ratios L/D = 0.
According to the prerequisite conditions, clearance of used cars is subject to the car's body not being damaged or involved in accidents including submergence in water, fire, collision, rollover, besides having clear chassis numbers.
Her laboratory led the isolation of the rice XA21 immune receptor and the rice Sub1A submergence tolerance transcription factor.
The local council updated the drainage system in Taiz city last year, which saw the submergence of many homes.
had encountered a fire in the operation (engine) room yesterday, causing the ship to lose its balance and ultimately resulting in its submergence.
Today's marathon at Wolverhampton, a result of Southwell's submergence, opens up new opportunities for trainers and jockeys, who will find themselves with time on their hands during the seven and a half hours of racing.
We provide more than a dozen unique, specialized support services to the Navy, including integrated logistics, platform and weapons system program support for the Navy's Strategic Weapons System (SWS), the Level 1/SUBSAFE Stock Program (LI/SS), the Deep Submergence Systems Scope of Certification Program (SOC), Fly-By-Wire, and the Maritime Industrial Support Program.
But the speed of submergence was so fast that we could not move to other places," an Anju resident told Kyodo News.
Since its foundation in 1905, the Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works has primarily handled the construction of container carriers, pure car carriers, submarines and deep submergence research vehicles.
Air dropping of food packets was necessary in areas cut off due to breaches in river banks and embankments and submergence by water, the SRC said.
The chip submergence system consists of a mixer and a recirculation pump.