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jd] for all the impellers studied at varying impeller submergences.
This purely axial discharge flow quickly returns the particles to the surface at all submergences, limiting the cloud depth.
For the PBTD, the direction and magnitude of the velocity arrows at the surface indicates that the particles are carried from the walls and then immersed around the shaft for both submergences.
The axial velocity at the surface (Figure 8a) is very large at large submergences, and very small at small submergences for both the PBTU and PBTD.
From the CFD results, in conjunction with flow visualization, it is concluded that mean drag is the dominant mechanism for the two large submergence cases and turbulent engulfment is the dominant mechanism for the small submergences.
As shown from the CFD simulation results, at very small submergences, the drawdown is dominated by turbulent engulfment at the surface and [N.
Minimal information is available on the physiological effects of forced submergences of sea turtles.
1991) did not address the physiological effects of multiple forced submergences of sea turtles.
Recovery of the respiratory and metabolic derangements in submerged turtles was dependent on the interval between successive submergences.
and osmotic pressure were observed more frequently in turtles with a longer in-water rest interval between successive submergences (Table 1).
Turtles partially to completely recovered from the ionic imbalances, although subsequent submergences caused significant increases in plasma [K.