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The programme has allowed me to really submerse myself within the art.
Submerse the base of the basket in an oversized bucket full of water, until it has soaked up enough water so that the compost on the top is visibly wet.
Sharing the bill at the Jailhouse, in Much Park Street are Submerse, who have just returned from a lengthy Canadian tour, while Grim Reaper should raise a smile with their Darkness meets Rocky Horror antics.
Previous guests include dubstep and garage's finest Brackles, Gemmy and Submerse as well as rave veterans Warlock and Cutlass Supreme and home grown talents like Boxcutter and Space Dimension Controller.
So when he and wife Jemma make the big move to Toulouse this summer, the Welsh record Test try scorer, far sharper in reality than he is generally perceived, insists he will submerse himself in all things Gallic.