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In several restored backwater wetlands in the lower IRV that are disconnected from the main channel, seed and tuber density and prevalence of submersed aquatic vegetation is much greater than in the upper IRV suggesting possible deleterious effects of unbuffered river connectivity on energetic carrying capacity even in vegetated reaches.
Last, look into an overboard alert system, such as the Safety Turtle--a device that attaches to your pet's collar and sounds a piercing alarm if fully submersed.
Royle (Hydrocharitaceae), a submersed aquatic macrophyte, is native to Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa (Buckingham & Bennett 1996).
During the wash cycle, product is submersed in water and simultaneously showered with low-pressure, high-volume water to remove debris and reduce bacteria content.
Marotta said during an earlier court hearing that police suspected the boy had been submersed in the scalding water, he told Judge David P.
The phone can be fully submersed for 30 minutes in one metre of water.
The jar (Figure 2a) was filled six times, being dredged among the floating and submersed macrophytes and their rhizoids.
Except, of course, for all but those most suffocatingly submersed in the Turf, Bolger is nothing of the sort.
Studies have reported extensive losses of Submersed Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) habitat along the Mississippi coast, but the estimates did not account for smaller scale temporal variations.
He added: "The brigade was asked to standby for safety cover until the lowering of the tide allowed a recovery vehicle to attend and remove the now submersed and over turned wagon.
Coaches brought hundreds of Hindus from Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, Preston and Blackburn to Liverpool for the ceremony where the idol was submersed in the River Mersey from the ferry Snowdrop.