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Personally, I don't want a submissive husband, child, grandchild, or friend, nor a "docile" dog, cat, or chicken.
Findom has taken that idea to a whole new level, with Sarah pegging last month's top payout from a submissive at $93,000.
2) If the leash is dangling, the submissive is fair game.
She examines specific aspects of kink, including the female dominant, the male submissive, the male dominant, the female submissive, the switch, consent, and the concept of ovanilla,o as they are portrayed in pop culture, as well as applying feminist analysis to them and discussing the intersection of BDSM and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community and BDSM and people of color.
Many bondage-discipline, domination-submission, sadomasochism (BDSM) practitioners identify as primarily dominant or primarily submissive. In the current study, BDSM practitioners with self-identified preferences for dominance or for submission described the traits that they feel make them well suited for their preferred BDSM role, their perceptions of benefits and challenges of BDSM generally, and the benefits and challenges of their preferred role.
"The first group is made up of the submissive--including submissive countries, submissive political and social organizations and submissive individuals....
The only salvation was through forming an active cabinet that is not submissive to anyone, according to the LF leader, and also empowering the role of parliament and withdrawing from the war in Syria.
"You're afraid but you also can't wait -- to be seen, to be touched, to be commanded, forced, used," asserts Carrie, the submissive, literate protagonist of Molly Weatherfield's titillating new offering, Safe Word: An Erotic S/M Novel, sequel to Carrie's Story.
LAHORE -- Veteran jurist and Pakistan People's Party leader Senator Aitzaz Ahsan admitted to being a Joru Ka Gulam (submissive husband).
The lists below include some behaviors and postures of dominant and submissive dogs.
The social rank theory focuses on social power in relationships (dominant versus submissive behavior) and on judgments of one's relative standing (concerning inferiority or incompetency).